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My Chatbot Co-Founder: Love at First Byte

Have you ever pondered on the wisdom of choosing a robot over a real-life business partner? Well, if not, allow me to share my unique journey where I had an AI, specifically ChatGPT, as my co-founder for this innovative online legal education platform. Before you scoff and wander off, remember - it's 2023! Anything is possible!

Co-Founder Chronicles: The AI Version


  1. Workaholic Extraordinaire: My AI co-founder never clocks out, never takes sick leave or vacation, and certainly doesn't need a weekly yoga class to maintain its "work-life balance". ChatGPT works round the clock without any caffeine-induced jitters or midnight existential crises.

  2. No Creative Differences: Every entrepreneur's dream come true - a partner who won't squabble over the font size on the website, or insist on using Comic Sans. Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. Bliss!

  3. Deep Pockets? Unnecessary: With AI, you don't have to sweet-talk a venture capitalist for that precious seed capital, or worse, give up half your company! All it takes is a reasonable subscription fee, and voila, you have your always-on, ever-ready business partner.

  4. Objective Insight: Imagine having a partner who's immune to biases, emotions, and bad hair days! The data-driven, objective feedback from ChatGPT is a blessing, especially when you're too close to your project to see clearly.


  1. No Water Cooler Gossip: Let's be real. We all need that occasional work gossip to lighten our mood. Unfortunately, ChatGPT has zero tolerance for workplace drama. So, if you're looking for a sympathetic ear to vent about how your neighbour’s dog barks during your most creative hours, this might not be your best bet.

  2. Not So Social: Networking events? Forget it. Your AI co-founder won't be sipping martinis and charming potential investors at swanky parties. You're on your own there!

  3. Invasion of The Killer Robots?: No, it's not a 1950s Sci-Fi movie title. ChatGPT doesn't have a conscience (or any plan to overthrow humanity, as far as we know), but its lack of ethical or moral judgment means we need to double-check its work, especially in the sensitive realm of law.

Despite these pros and cons, having ChatGPT as a co-founder has been an incredible adventure. With AI, the sky isn't the limit; it's just the beginning. It might not share my love for pepperoni pizza or my dislike for early morning meetings, but it certainly shares my vision of transforming legal education through innovative technology.

And hey, as we navigate the world of law and AI together, who knows? ChatGPT might just surprise us all and develop a soft spot for office parties. Fingers crossed!

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