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Legal Artificial Technology

Our Services

Disruptive Insights

AI Legal Technology explores the intersection of tech law and legal artificial intelligence. Discover how legal and AI advancements are revolutionising the field of law, shaping a future of AI-powered legal services.


We provide training to law firms and in-house Counsel keen to understand both the opportunities and risks associated with incorporating generative AI into their business practices. 


We provide bespoke strategic consultancy to law firms looking to implement AI solutions across their core and non-core functions. We can explain the latest trends, the pros and cons, the costs and the risks and work alongside your in-house teams to help you make the right strategic choices about this and other emerging technologies.

Customised AI Solutions

We have an established network of AI experts, Data Scientists and software developers who can help your existing teams design and build customised AI solutions. From implementing the latest APIs and plugins through to fully-customised solutions book a call and find out more about we can help your business today.

We are here to help you make the right strategic choices for your Firm

Already the range of legal AI solutions is a confusing marketplace for lawyers and law firms to navigate.


Since the explosion of interest in AI following the release of Chat GPT-3 & 4 almost all technology companies are rushing to incorporate large language model chat-bots into their business offerings focused at lawyers and law firms.

Everyone agrees that AI will revolutionise legal practice in the 21st Century but the question is how to prepare for it effectively to put you in the best position to exploit the opportunities it represents. 

If you need help navigating the market, analysing the various solutions or putting in place a strategic plan, then get in touch. We can help you make the right choices to help your practice thrive in this AI driven future.

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