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Meet the Team

We've just launched but already we're growing. If you're a digital transformation specialist in the legal industry, AI consultant or educator then get in touch:

Our Story

Welcome to AI Legal Technology — your bridge to the future of legal practice. We are an innovative eLearning platform committed to guiding lawyers through the exciting landscape of legal technology and AI advancements.

Born out of the collective vision of legal practitioners, our platform is uniquely tailored to the needs of our fraternity.

Built by lawyers, for lawyers, we are here to empower you with the cutting-edge skills needed to navigate and excel in the new era of legal tech. Step into the future of law with us and redefine your legal expertise.

We're a group of technology savvy lawyers, software developers and strategic consultants who are passionate about being at the forefront of the AI revolution taking place before our eyes. We stay awake 24/7 following the latest developments and releases in the AI space consolidating our knowledge and putting together unique content for our subscribers and clients. 

We are currently developing online and in person training programmes that can be delivered to lawyers and legal teams around the globe focused on advising and optimising lawyers use of AI models like Chat GPT-4 through effective prompt engineering. 

We believe that as with any technological revolution forewarned is forearmed. We're going to help you adapt to give your firm the competitive edge to stay at the forefront of Legal Artificial Intelligence revolution.

"Without a doubt CHAT GPT-3.5/4 and generative AI more generally are going to revolutionise the legal, business and white collar landscape in a way that no other technology has in our lifetimes. Now is time to get prepared and get informed. That's why I started AI Lawyer. To help the genuinely innovative lawyers ride the wave."

Owen Prew, CEO and Founder

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